Earning By Clicking On Ads.

Earning By Clicking On Ads.

Our world is evolving daily as the modern science is developing and inventing many things to make our life comfortable. In the field of science modern technology has been developing faster than any other thing. And nowdays, you have plenty of option to earn money by not working physically or not being present in any office. You earn staying at your home under your blanket or sitting in your study table.  You can design graphics, do data entry, edit photos videos, online marketing or develop and make website. But doing this you have to be professional or at least you need to have a good knowledge over them.

But, what if don’t have any kind of knowledge over them?

Ok, that’s not a problem now-day. Cause no you actually don’t need to know anything to earn money. Just click and see Ads. and you will be paid for this.Yes, you will get payment for watching Ads. of different websites, apps and games. However, You can manage your Pocket Money by just clicking or proper planning may earn you some extra money. So, lets roll the blog and learn about some blogs.


First of all, I have NeoBux in the top of the list today. NeoBux is a website that shows you plenty of Ads. which gives you $200-$400 per month. You just need to watch Ads. only for 5 seconds and  and some $ will be credited to your account. At first, You need to go NeoBux Website then create a genuine account and get started.

Just click each of the Ads. wait for 5 second only. There you also get AdPrize and offers also which lets you earn good amount of money. If you have any website than you can advertise here and can earn from your Ads. Minimum payout is $2 via PayPal or payza.


Same as NeoBux this PTC website offers you the same experience and provides you money for viewing Ads. You have to register first with a active and genuine email because you can create only one Account with one pc. They stores your computers IP address so there is no other way to open 2 or more Account with it. Open your browser first and type “www.clicksense.com” or click HERE.

Click on Ads. wait for 5 second and you will get paid. You can complete survey’s or offers, tasks, play games and can get up-to $1-$2 or more. Minimum payout is $8 via PayPal or Payza. Also you can advertise your own site here.

3.Scarlet Clicks

Another PTC site is Scarlet Clicks. It gives you 0.01$ per clicks and gives a lot of chance to click Ads. You have to sign up first to this site you can redirect to the website from here or you can type to your browser.

Register with your Email verify it and you are ready to earn. It gives various offers to complete to earn money or else it also pays you for referring new members. You can payout your earning and it should be at least $2. As well as, you can post your Ads. here.

Best of luck and try all the site to earn your money.

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