Earning Via Android Apps

Earning Via Android Apps

                       Hello guys! How are you? I am here again to help you about earning money online. So to know the technique of earning money via Android Apps you have to answer some of my question:-

1.Do You have an Android smartphone?

2.Do you want to earn money online easily?

3.Do you have enough time?

If the answer of my question are yes then this is for you and i will tell you the technique of earning money through Android apps. So,hold your seat and read the requirements and information about the apps that pay you money…

Watch & Earn

“Watch & Earn” is an android app shows you ads of different product of your interest. It will shows you videos on various apps, games about various products. Earn points by watching videos and convert them to PayPal money or Amazon or Play store. And you will get 10$ per 10,000 points. So, download it and play videos. |


This great app will pay you through your mobile phone. In it you have  download various apps or games they suggest. Doing this you earn points and this points can be turned into mobile balance. It may reduce your mobile bill.

Earn Money

            You have to complete various task through this app like visiting apps, websites, downloading games, completing surveys etc will give you a certain amount of money. And if you can use reference then you may get much money for completing task.

Cash Pirate

               Same as “Earn Money” You have to complete small or big tasks given by the app. It will give you points that can be converted into PayPal money. Download apps, games install them, complete surveys and get your money.

Pocket Money

                   Like other apps it will also give you offers, you have to complete it and get your money. So simple. Register your account complete your favourite offer like download or install app visits sites. And you can earn 15% more for each successful referral.

So, don’t wait install one of the app and start your first online earning using your mobile phone.

And don’t forget to like, share and comment your thoughts on it and inspire me to write more.


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