Earn Money online-II

Earn Money Online-II


                                                 I my last blog I told you about blog-sites that will pay you for your blog. And I gave description about 5 blog-sites. I think blogging is the best way to connect with people and earn money online ,but also there are some other blogging sites that lets you earn more than blogging. But actually blogging is the perfect thing to interact with the furthest corner of the world. Its like a open book in which you will be able to learn and let others learn as well. So, no more waiting let’s go for 5 other blog-site you can try:-



When it comes to visual effects Tumblr is great. Create your free account and start posting your blogs. The mobile app of Tumblr lets you submit your content from anywhere. Online marketing and ads lets you earn much money on Tumblr.

2.Smashing Magazine

Founded in 2006 by Sven & Friedman ,delivers its user the news of latest techs and trends in Web-Development. If you are a tech-hunger and knows lot about it and if you want to share it with people you can try Smashingmagazine.

Pat Cashmore‘s Mashable lets you earn nearly 400$ per month. Write blogs about tech and tips, researches, hot trends .This site pay you based on Ads. that are shown on your blogs.So you have to keep yourself updated about the new and recent trends always.


Another popular website founded back in 2007. Creating account is free on Weebly and it lets you communicate with many people as it has much traffic on it.So as an entrepreneur Weebly is very good. 


It is a free blogging site. There are much traffic on Blog.com. So just create your very first blog and post it. Earn through  Ads. and banners and as it has many traffic so you have got the chance to earn more.


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